PrimaCube Automatic System

PrimaCube - complete powder coating.

PrimaCube Graphic

By conforming to standards, WAGNER can offer a complete system that assures the highest technical performance at a competitive price.

At the same time, only high quality components that influence coating results have been integrated. They are the standard components for most modern powder coating systems.

These quality single components have been perfectly harmonized in function to ensure high quality coating results. The modular concept consist expandable complete packages to meet individual coating demands and to provide the best suitable powder coating plant.


  • WAGNER PrimaCube PVC Booth in sandwich construction with twin channel suction and 3 gun slots per side.
  • WAGNER PrimaCenter powder feed for easy operation and color changes.
  • WAGNER PrimaSprint gun control with AFC air flow control and 50 storable coating programs.
  • WAGNER HiCoat-C4 manual and automatic guns PEA-C4 XL and PEM-C4 Ergo for highest coating efficiency and low maintenance.