SuperTech plastic booth for multi-color operation. The ideal structural shape for powder coating.

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Compact, with no supporting frames and no pit excavation. Rectangular booth shape - also suited for horizontal gun arrangement. No powder deposits on the floor -fast booth cleaning and economical use of material.

SuperTech combines these benefits, and that’s not all:

  • Pre- and after coating stands are provided.
  • Blow-out device for the integral booth floor. This keeps the floor clean and blows the powder into the extraction slot.
  • Powder extraction belt as an option. This continuously transports the over-spray powder into the powder recovery system.
  • The floors of the booth can be walked on, facilitating cleaning and maintenance work.
  • Excellent illumination of the booth and manual coating stands.
  • Extraction of over-spray on both sides throughout the length of the booth. This creates a uniform air speed and good coating.
  • High application effectiveness due to low booth floor and vertical airflow.
  • No powder deposits thanks to optimisation of the air flows in the extraction channels (Twister effect).

Convenient manual coating stands

When planning the powder booth, the hand coating stands should also be taken into account:

  • Manual coating stands possible at either end as an option.
  • Side manual coating opening with doors alternatively or in combination.
  • The manual coating stand at the end has a hinged wall, which at the same time is used to shut off the flow line opening when hanging the color.
  • Manual coating stand also available with reversible stop (opening left or right).
  • Each manual coating area has additional illumination.
  • Gun holder integrated into the booth wall.
SuperTech plastic booth for multi-colour operation
SuperTech Diagram


1. Excellent booth illumination.
2. To the after-filter.
3. Cyclone
4. Powder recovery.
5. Self-cleaning suction system.
6. Control cabinet.
7. Reversible working direction.
8. External manual coating stand.
9. Parking location for manual gun.
10. Powder spray guns and blow-out device.
11. Reciprocator.
12. Integral manual coating stand.
13. Powder centre.
Air extraction rate 12.000 m³/h - 28.000 m³/h
Work piece widths 600 mm, 800 mm, 1.000 mm
Work piece heights 1.400 mm - 2.200 mm
Bottom edge of work piece from 900 mm
Internal length 3.000 - 8.000 mm
Manual coating Can be combined by choice
Automatic slots 1-6 per side
Mono cyclone and after-filter 12.000 - 28.000 m³/h