Manual Powder Coating Systems

WAGNER X-Family manual units - Efficiency and flexibility in perfect design
The new manual unit combines functionality and extraordinary design. All parameters can easily and quickly be entered in the EPG-Sprint X. By means of a central and dynamic knob, all parameters –grouped into four functional sections- can be set easily.

The unique Cascade characteristic line setting and the TRIBO-compatibility offer a high level of flexibility for any powder. In combination with the new manual gun PEM-X1, the manual unit gives perfect coating results. The powder feeding is carried out directly from the original container – optionally out of the 60l stainless steel container.

PrimaSprint Airfluid Graphic01
Sprint X Airfluid

The new Sprint X Airfluid manual system is perfect for coating out of the original powder coating container. With the diagonal positioning of the powder container it makes emptying of the powder container sure.

PrimaSprint 3L Graphic02
Sprint X 3L

The Sprint X manual powder coating system can be transformed into a 3 Liter Model. The complete fluidized hopper is at the same time vibrated. Perfect surfaces are the result of this combination.

Manual Spray Gun Graphic03
Sprint X 60L

As opposed to the Airfluid system, the Sprint X 60L conveys the powder from a stainless steel hopper which can be easily dismounted. Fluidization of the powder is achieved by the use of an integral fluid bed and an optional vibrated table.

Cup Manual Systems Graphic04
Powder Cup Laboratory set PEM-X1 CG

The powder cup laboratory set is a useful, handy, flexible high performing powder coating system for powder coating component parts and small amounts of powder coating.