Powder Feeding Systems

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Modern powder logistic - monitoring of colour change and powder consumption! Clean and easy to use, the new SuperCenter fulfils the demands of the modern workplace and ensures constant and high quality coating results.

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Inlinepump IP 5000

The new pump is suitable for a variety of options for feeding powder without restrictions regarding container sizes: it can be used for dosing out of cartons, 200 l drums or BigBags as well as for the discharging of collection containers.

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Ultrasound Sieve

Ultra-high quality surfaces are also influenced by the right sieve technology. Wagner Hi Coat ultrasound sieves provide better quality and security: dirt is held back by the small mesh size, powder is easier to fluidise and thus the application is better.

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Powder Center

The powder feed Center is a system from with fluidized powder from a powder container that is conveyed simultaneously to several Sprayguns. The powder consumption is compensated by the fresh powder feed unit.

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Powder Injector

The powder injectors PI-P1 and PI-F1 are designed for operation with AFC-Technology based manual and automatic powder coating systems. They are used for powder feed and for flushing operations.

Conductive Powder Hose Graphic Graphic
Conductive Powder Hose

The new powder hose from Wagner has an electrically conductive carbon strip, which dissipates the frictional charge. For this the hose is earthed though an earthing contact on the outside or the inside e.g. on the powder injector.

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Air Flow Control

The AFC-HP-D1 module is responsible for the extremely even distribution of the film thickness. AFC stands for Air Flow Control. The actuation of the module is achieved through a LON bus system and includes the control of the air flow sensors and proportional valves.

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120L Steel Container

Powder feed container - 120 Litre for automatic powder coating systems.

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L-D1 Steel Container

Powder delivery containers for small and large coating tasks.

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Powder Trolleys

WAGNER Powder and Screening Trolleys with peristaltic powder conveyor.