ZincFix® Original Improved Squish Pack

Product Description

A two pack, solvent free, zinc rich amine cured epoxy coating.

Intended Uses

Zincfix® is an organic bound zinc rich coating containing greater than 80% zinc in the dry film. It is applied to clean steel and hot dip galvanized surfaces to form an adherent anti-corrosive coating in excess of 100 microns thick. Zincfix® combines the convenience of squish pack technology with the chemistry of modern solvent free epoxies. When suitably cleaned steel is dipped in molten zinc at 450°C, a coating comprising of a series of iron/zinc alloy layers, over-coated with relatively pure zinc is formed.

The hot dip galvanized coating provides a barrier against corrosion but additionally, provides sacrificial protection when the coating is site cut, welded or mechanically damaged. In order to prevent this sacrificial protection property prematurely consuming the surrounding coating, repair of the damaged coating using Zincfix® is recommended


  • The easy accurate mixing of small packs reduces wastage
  • Although the medium grey metallic colour of Zincfix® will stand out on the bright shiny surface of newly exposed zinc, it will blend into a very similar finish once the stable matt grey zinc carbonate film has formed
  • Zincfix® is resistant to white rust as the metal is bound by the epoxy binder. The product is resistant to 1000 hours humidity and 1000 hours salt spray resistance at a thickness of 400 microns with very little whitening
  • Zincfix® is an excellent anti-corrosive primer for steel and is ideal for rust prevention and repair of corroded steel. It can be applied as a single coat and can be over-coated with any kind of conventional painting system


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