PVC Single-Ply Membranes

UV Blocking Membranes
Renolit AlkorSmart

Renolit AlkorSmart roof waterproofing membranes specifically developed for regions with severe UV radiation.

AlkorPlan Single Ply Membranes
Renolit AlkorPlan

Membranes are based on monomeric PVC-P. Used for waterproofing of flat, pitched and rounded roofs.

AlkorSolar Waterproofing Membranes img
Renolit AlkorSolar

AlkorSolar provides an ultra light fixing system for solar panels to be installed without the need for an extra ballast or perforation of the roofing membrane.

TPO Waterproofing Membranes img
Renolit AlkorBright

AlkorBright membranes have extra high reflection properties that cools the building with a protective coating for minimal dirt pick-up.

Green Waterproofing Membranes img
Renolit AlkorGreen

The Renolit AlkorGreen system offers a highly developed all in one green roof system.

AlkorDesign Roof Membranes img
Renolit AlkorDesign

The Renolit AlkorDesign system simulates the appearance of standing seam and lead roll roofs without the weight and expense of aluminium, zinc, copper or lead, and the heavy duty roof structure required to support them.

Metallic Colour Waterproofing Membranes img
Renolit AlkorPlan Metallics

Laminated membrane of flexible PVC with woven polyester reinforcing. Conforms to UEAtc guidelines. Available in metallic copper and silver colour.

Accessories Membranes img
Membranes Accessories

Various PVC accessories for use with AlkorPlan, AlkorDesign, AlkorBright and AlkorSmart PVC roofing membranes.