Patching Compound Flexible

Product Description

A two part product consisting of a dry powder base:

  • Part A - a blend of selected aggregates and fast setting cements modified with a polymer and cure enhancing chemicals and
  • Part B - a polymer containing wetting portion which is carefully added to the dry base to achieve a stiff paste to enable slump free application on vertical and overhead surfaces

Intended Uses

A fast curing flexible filling compound for filling internal joints of Cement Mortar Lined (CML) pipes that have been joined using exterior pipe couplings. The product is used to fill the internal circumferential gap where the CML has been cut back at the end of the pipe and is butting up against the adjacent pipe.


  • Good adhesion to steel and concrete surfaces
  • A internal flexible filling compound with a high compressive strength
  • Easy to use – simply add Part B to desired consistency
  • Hardens in 3 – 4 hours
  • Cures to an extremely tough, non-shrink, hard state that is suitable for immersion
  • Suitable for use with potable water
  • Part B contains a flexibilizer which imparts a degree of flexibility to the cured compound


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