PlastiLine 1C Methacrylate SB

High solid road marking paint. PlastiLine 1C Methacrylate SB is a one component, thermoplastic methacrylate solvent based, fast drying high solids safety road & line marking paint.

PlastiLine 1C Methacrylate SB dries physically on solvent evaporation.

Intended Uses

PlastiLine 1C Methacrylate SB is formulated as a higher solid, high performance line marking paint for markings on freeways and highways as well as road markings in towns and villages exposed to less wear.

PlastiLine 1C Methacrylate will adhere directly to Asphalt and concrete road surfaces.

PlastiLine has excellent glass bead retention, retro reflectivity and day time luminance and whiteness.


It is easy to process with all marking machines and spray equipment, even at high ambient temperatures.

For use as a Type 1 road marking a average minimum thickness of 350µm wet shall be applied and for example 350g/m² of reflective glass beads (125-600µm)

For use as a Type 2 road marking an average minimum thickness of 600 µm wet film thickness with 800g/m² of reflective glass beads (400-1,200 µm)

These recommendations must be adapted to the roughness of the pavement.


  • Low solvent content, high solids formulation
  • Quick drying
  • Extremely weather resistant
  • PlastiLine 1C Methacrylate SB is elastic and adapts well to the road surface
  • Excellent glass bead retention and adhesion
  • Heating not required
  • Excellent obliteration / hiding power, high luminance
  • High reflectivity / luminance factor with glass beads added
  • High sag resistance allows for excellent build and coverage on new asphalt
  • Excellent resistance to bleeding on bitumen substrates
  • Excellent alkali resistance on concrete surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion to asphalt (some concrete surfaces will require priming)
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and low dirt retention
  • Hydrophobic surface with self-cleaning properties

PlastiLine 1C Methacrylate SB meets all the standard requirements for SANS 730-1

Standard Road Marking Colours

Black Swatch


White Swatch


Yellow Swatch


Red Swatch


Blue Swatch


Green Swatch