AeroTest Weber Rielly Soluble Salt Tester

Soluble Salt Test Aerosol image


Soluble Salt Tester. This method of determining the concentration of soluble ferrous salts was developed by two well know South African paint chemists who worked on an ISO (International Standards Organisation) Committee during 1985 to 1987 namely: The late Fritz Weber & Charles Rielly.

Hence the name "Weber Rielly Soluble Salt Test Kit” This method is covered in SSPC Technology Guide 15 section 5.9. Instead of using test strips the vivid red colour of the complex formed between the Redox Indicator and the Ferrous Ion is diluted to pink by the white pigment dispersion

The Indicator is a low viscosity, white dispersion containing the colourless indicator. It is supplied in an Aerosol labelled “Indicator”. Another aerosol labelled “Solvent” contains anhydrous solvent for rinsing and cleaning the indicators spray nozzle after use.

A colour card showing the approximate colours for 50, 100 and 400mg/m² soluble salt concentrations is in this technical data sheet.


Soluble Iron Salts – Ferrous Chloride and Ferrous Sulphate are found in the bottom of corrosion pits of badly corroded steel. These sales are Hygroscopic and can cause osmotic blistering coating applied to contaminated steel. Soluble salts must therefore be removed prior to coating a surface. This simple method and test kit identifies the presence of soluble salts on blast cleaned steel


  • Identifies the presence of soluble salts on blast cleaned steel
  • Quicker, cleaner and easier method of determining the presence of destructive soluble salts
  • Kit may be used in excess of 20 times
  • Provides a useful quality control tool for surface preparation quality