AeroTest MEK Cure Tester

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Cure Tester.


AeroTest MEK Cure Tester is a non-destructive inspection test designed to provide a fast and reliable method for testing in Accordance with ASTM D5402 “practice for Assessing the Solvent Resistance of Organic Coatings Using Solvent Rubs” and ASTM D 4752 “Measuring MEK Resistance of Ethyl Silicate (Inorganic) Zinc-Rich Primer by solvent Rub”.

This test kit can be used in the laboratory, in the field, or in the fabricating shop.

Coatings that chemically change during the curing process, such as epoxies, vinyl esters, polyesters, alkyds and urethanes, become more resistance to solvents as they cure. These coatings should reach specific levels of solvent resistance prior to being topcoated and prior to placing in service; the levels of solvent resistance necessary vary with the type of coating and the intended service. Rubbing with a cloth saturated with the appropriate solvent is one way to determine when a specific level of solvent resistance is reached. However, the level of solvent resistance by itself does not indicate full cure and some coatings become solvent resistant before they become sufficiently cured for service.

The time required to reach a specific level of solvent resistance can be influenced by temperature, film thickness, air movement and, for water-borne or water-reactive coatings, humidity. The test solvent’s effect upon the coating varies with coating type and solvent used. The coating manufacturer may specify the solvent, the number of double rubs, and the specific test results needed.


  • Supplied in an easy to use aerosol