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Soudal is a leading independent global manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, PU foams and building chemicals for the construction, retail and industrial markets. Specialized Coating Systems are authorised re-sellers of Soudal Sealants & Adhesives. Contact us for more information on our entire Soudal product offering.

Paintable Sealant
Paintable Sealant

Soudal Paintable sealant is a solvent free acrylic based gap filler for the sealing of low movement joints and the filling of gaps and cracks which can be painted with all types of paint within a short time after application.

Construction Silicone
Construction Silicone

Soudal Construction Silicone is a neutral cure silicone in a wide range of sealing and bonding application in construction projects, the product is suitable for most types of surface, both smooth and porous.

Universal Silicone
Universal Silicone

Soudal Universal Silicone is a general purpose silicone for sealing and bonding application on glass, many metals, tiles, brick etc. this product is also suitable for sanitary applications.

Fix All High Tack
Fix All High Tack

Soudal Fix ALL® HIGH TACK is the ultimate adhesive/sealant, based on SMX® polymer technology, ideal for all sealing and bonding applications on all materials.

Fill and Fix Foam
Fill & Fix Foam

Soudal Polyurethane based construction foam with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics. Used for the filling and insulating of gaps and construction openings and for the installation of window and door frames.

Soudaseal 240FC
SoudaSeal 240FC

Soudal Soudaseal 240FC is a high quality single component joint sealant with high adhesive strength, it is based on MS-Polymer®, chemically neutral and fully elastic.

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