Sport Surface Crack Filler


An elastomeric acrylic crack filler designed to fill cracks and voids subjected to movement. It is fibre reinforced to provide extra tensile strength and aid in bridging cracks.


Colours Pack Size Coverage
See colour chart below 5Lt & 20Lt 2m²/Lt


White Swatch

RAL 3003
Ruby Red

Black Swatch

RAL 3013
Tomato Red

RAL 5005 Swatch

RAL 5005
Signal Blue

RAL 3009 Swatch

RAL 3009
Oxide Red

RAL 3012 Swatch

RAL 5012
Light Blue

RAL 3009 Swatch

RAL 5015
Sky Blue

White Swatch

RAL 6005
Moss Green 

Black Swatch

RAL 6010
Grass Green 

RAL 1019 Swatch

RAL 6029
Mint Green