Sport Surface Bonding Agent


Acrylic Polymer Emulsion. 1 Component acrylic polymer emulsion.


Formulated for multiple purposes.

Specialized Sport Surface Slurry for Concrete, this system cast a film of acrylic concrete over the surface, thus creating excellent adhesive characteristics to both concrete and acrylic coatings. The Slurry coat will act as a laminating agent and bonds the entire surfacing system together. Filling some voids and leaving a more uniform surface to apply Sport Surface Acrylic coatings over.

As an Additive, used as an additive to concrete mixes in place of water. The addition will dramatically increase the strength and adhesion properties of concrete, specifically when patching and for thin film application.


  • Water based – suitable for solvent sensitive areas – schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc.
  • Low odour and non-flammable
  • Excellent adhesion promoter


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