Tuscany Cemcoat Fine

Fine Textured Wall Paint image

A polymer modified cement based pigmented finishing coat paint, supplied in a powder form.

Intended Uses

A textured wall coating supplied in a dry powder form which, when mixed with an appropriate amount of water, results in a liquid coating which can be applied by block-brush to vertical surfaces.

Tuscany Cemcoat results in a streaked “antique” textured finish, which is pleasing to the eye. Available in smooth, medium or course grades.


  • Dries to a pleasing textured matt finish
  • Suitable for sound, unpainted cement, bagged brickwork, concrete, concrete blocks, common bricks, sandstone etc.
  • With suitable preparation, may be used on previously painted surfaces
  • Good exterior durability
  • A range of natural colours, well suited to today’s environment
  • Will hide surface irregularities, hairline plaster cracks and repairs
  • All colours are light fast


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