Texture Plaster 1mm

Textured Plaster image

A single pack, water based coating, based on durable acrylic copolymers and quartz aggregates in aqueous dispersion.

Intended Uses

Used as a structured decorative coating system for exterior building walls/facades. The thickness of the coating is governed by grade (size) of the quartz aggregates in the plaster. Immediately thereafter the pattern is etched using a plastic trowel. The aggregates provide hardness, resistance to wear and allow the wall to breathe. This product is available in course, medium & fine texture.


  • Used as a high-build, decorative coating, applied thickly in a single coat
  • The style of etching is unique to the job on which it is being applied and provides a very attractive 3D texture, which changes with the direction of the sun & light.
  • The Textured Plaster is resistant to weathering, extreme temperature variations and uv light degeneration
  • Excellent adhesion to suitability prepared and primed surfaces
  • Suitable for use on concrete, cement plaster, gypsum board, chipboard, Masonite, Herculite ceilings, wood, fibre-cement and similar materials
  • Provides a hard surface which is usable after 24 hours
  • The plasters are washable and retain their elasticity for many years
  • The plasters will effectively hide plaster cracks


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