Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauges

Elcometer 207 Precision Ultrasonic

Elcometer 207 Thickness Gauge Graphic

Designed to provide accurate measurements of thin materials from 0.15 - 24.4 mm without the need to change the measurement mode.

Elcometer 204 Steel

Elcometer 2014 steel thikness gauge Graphic01

The Elcometer 204 Steel Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge provides a fast, accurate measurement of the thickness of steel. Simply switch on and take readings.

Elcometer 205, 206 & 206DL

Elcometer 205 Graphic04

Hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauges for reliable thickness measurements or scan a length of material for defects. 3 Calibration options and compatible with a wide range of measurement transducers.

Elcometer 208 & 208DL

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Graphic01

Rugged hand-held gauges designed to non-destructively measure the thickness of metal substrates, whilst ignoring the thickness up to 2mm of an applied coating.