Pool Membranes by HaogenPlast

Product Description

OgenFlex™ Pool Membranes by Haogenplast. Their AGAM range of vinyl pool liners are of the highest quality and is designed for maximum durability and efficiency, featuring high UV and chemical resistance, anti-slip embossing, stain repellency, and protection against mechanical abrasion and wear.

Product Range


Solid colour pool liner constructed of two layers for a high level defense against environmental exposure.

Unicolor with lacquer

Solid colour pool liner with a lacquer coating that offers a high level protection against UV exposure, plasticizer loss, microbial damage and stain resistance.


High quality pool liners with a choice of 165 attractive colors and prints.


Pool liner with heavy-duty anti slip properties.

*All pool liner products are available in widths ranging from 1.5m to 2.05m.

HaogenPlast Pool Membranes image HaogenPlast Seal of Quality image Pool Vinyl Liners image

PVC Pool Membrane Colours and Patterns

Anti-Slip Snapir 6 img

Anti-Slip Snapir 6

Anti-Slip 8283 img

Anti-Slip 8283

Black 9902 img

Black 9902

Blue 8283 img

Blue 8283

Dark Grey img

Dark Grey - 9133

Galit 3 img

Galit 3

Galit NG 30 img

Galit NG 30 Pool Sparks

Granit 1 img

Granit 1

Granit 2 img

Granit 2

Green pvc pool membrane img

Green - 8039

Light Blue pvc pool membrane img

Light Blue - 8286

Light Grey pvc pool membrane img

Light Grey - 9135

MetalFlex Pool Membrane


Mosaic Pool Membrane

Mosaic 3

Navy Blue Pool Membrane

Navy Blue

Pacific Pool Membrane


Sand Pool Membrane

Sand - 3152

Snapir 3 Pool Membrane

Snapir 3

Snapir 5 Pool Membrane

Snapir 5

Snapir 6 Pool Membrane

Snapir 6

Snapir 7 Pool Membrane

Snapir 7

Snapir Gold Pool Membrane

Snapir Gold

Snapir NG 3D Earth

Snapir NG 3D Earth

Snapir NG 3D Ocean

Snapir NG 3D Ocean

Snapir NG 3D Platinum

Snapir NG 3D Platinum

StoneFlex Brazelet PVC Membrane img

StoneFlex Brazelet

StoneFlex Jasper Sand img

StoneFlex Jasper Sand

StoneFlex Light Blue

StoneFlex Mid Blue

StoneFlex Pearl

White PVC Pool Membrane