KHG 350-F Short Stroke Reciprocator

The short-stroke reciprocator KHG 350-F for vertical gun alignment is the ideal complement for compact powder coating booths.

KHG 350-F Short Stroke Reciprocator graphic

Its simple and sturdy construction allows a particularly cost-efficient operation. Together with the optionally available hi-tech control system SSR-D1, the KHG 350-F offers an excellent value and an unmatched coating quality for its price range.


  • Robust design with high load capacity.
  • Stroke adjustable from 100 mm to 350 mm.
  • Reciprocator speed adjustable from 15 m/min. to 55 m/min.
  • Crank drive.
  • Balancing springs for higher load capacity.

The KHG 350-F is available in 3 versions:

  • KHG 350-F for operation with a WAGNER ProfiTech control system or any other PLC.
  • KHG 350-F-I for operation with a WAGNER PrimaTech control system.
  • KHG 350-F SSR-D1 for operation with a WAGNER DigiTech control system.
Specifications KHG 350-F
Max. Stroke Height 350 mm
Min. Stroke Height 100 mm
Stroke Gradation 25 mm
Min. Reciprocator Speed 15 m/min
Max. Reciprocator Speed 55 m/min
Max. Load Capacity 60 kg
Nominal Power of Motor 0.75 kW
Electrical Connection 230 V / 400 V / 50 Hz
Ambient Temperature 0° - 40°C
Protection Class IP 54
Proximity Switch max. 30 V DC
Weight 170 kg