ZW In / Out - Positioner

With varying sizes of work-piece (width), it is necessary to position the spray system correctly in order to achieve a perfect coating over the whole surface of the work-piece.

KHG 350-F Short Stroke Reciprocator graphic

To accomplish this task, the reciprocator with the guns can be mounted on the ZW In/Out Positioner.

Suitable WAGNER Control Systems

The positioning of the reciprocator by means of the In/Out Positioner is achieved either through a separate manual forward/reverse switch or through an external WAGNER control system:

The ZW is available in 3 versions:

  • ZW 600 with 600 mm motion range.
  • ZW 900 with 900 mm motion range.
  • ZW 1200 with 1200 mm motion range.
Specifications ZW 600 ZW 900 ZW 1200
Motion Speed 3 m / min
Max. Load Capacity 700 kg
Nominal Power of Drive 90 W
Electrical Connection 220 V / 380 V / 50 Hz
Ambient Temperature 0° - 40°C
Protection Class IP 54
Motion Range 600 mm 900 mm 1200 mm
Weight 92 kg 102 kg 112 kg