Conductive Powder Hose

When powder paints are carried by a flow of air, as is the case in a powder coating plant, electrostatic charging occurs. Normally this charge is taken away by earthing. With powder hoses this is not possible, as they are made of plastic, which is known to be a non-conductive material.

Powder Injector graphic

To alleviate this situation the new powder hose from Wagner has an electrically conductive carbon strip, which dissipates the frictional charge. For this the hose is earthed though an earthing contact on the outside or the inside e.g. on the powder injector. The electrically conductive powder hose is available by the metre in diameters of 10 mm, 11 mm and 12 mm.

All new Injectors from Wagner can be used with the electrically conductive powder hose. Older injectors however are also compatible with a few small changes.

There is a choice of two possibilities for this:

Conversion Kit Graphic

1. A conversion kit consisting of an injector nozzle with electrically conductive hose fitting and a sleeve nut, for PJ-2020PRS or PJ-D1 injectors.

Earthing Clip Graphic

2. A special earthing clip for the powder hose.

Conductivity (strip): max. 4 kOhm/cm
Material: POE Polyolefine-Elastomere
Resistance to pressure: max. 4 bar (58 PSI)
Bend radius: min. 60 mm (2.3 ")
Temperature range: 10 - 40°C (50 -.104°F )
Maintenance, care: Blow out (flush out with pulses of air)