Powder Center

The powder feed Center is a system with fluidized powder from a powder container that is conveyed simultaneously to several Sprayguns. The powder consumption is compensated by the fresh powder feed unit.

Powder Center graphic

How the Powder Center works.

The fluidizing device is immersed directly into the powder container. A homogenous powder/air mixture is created due to the fluidizing and the vibration of the container. The injectors convey the powder to the Sprayguns in the coating system. The lowering of the powder level in the container is measured by the level probe. It also triggers the lowering of the suction system and the supply with fresh powder when necessary. An alarm is triggered automatically in the event of a shortage of powder and the yellow warning lamp illuminates. The warning lamp illuminates red if the container is not refilled with fresh powder.

The benefits for the user:

  • No extra powder containers needed for different colours.
  • Quick colour changes.
  • Powder circulation system using the original container.
  • Automatic addition of fresh powder, level controlled.
  • Economical use of materials.

The Powder Center is available in three types:

  • Type A:
    One linear motion unit with fresh powder feed unit. Supplies up to 16 spray guns with coating powder.
  • Type B:
    Mirrored to type A (picture)
  • Type C:
    Two linear motion units. Supplies up to 32 spray guns with coating powder.