Powder Trolleys

Screening trolley with peristaltic powder conveyor

120L Stainless Steel Container graphic

This variant of powder preparation and supply is the connecting link for powder supplies from the original drum in the powder centre and for the circulation mode. It is of particular benefit for multiple daily powder colour changes and for shorter change intervals.


  • Savings in powder loss.
  • No need for additional powder trolley.
  • Reduction in colour changing and cleaning times.
  • Virtually dust-free return of the powder into the original drum.

ICM powder trolley with sieving machine

ICM Powder Trolley graphic

The powder trolley and the sieving machine are integrated below the stabilising zone of the multi-cyclone. The powder trolley is equipped with a fluid bed plate. The coating powder is uniformly fluidised by the incoming air, thus allowing the injector to deliver the powder in an optimum fashion. The powder container can take up to 16 injectors.


  • Large powder capacity of around 200 litres.
  • Short powder hoses.
  • Reliable powder supply properties.
  • Powder injectors are easily accessible.

The powder trolley

120L Stainless Steel Container graphic

The powder is continually sieved in the closed powder circuit. The sieving machine is easily removed when the powder container is uncoupled. High grade filter cartridges filter out any powder sprayed past the work-piece from the air flow so that the exhaust air can be returned to the work area.


  • Vibrating screen and fluidized bed.
  • Easy handling.
  • Capacity approx. 140 litre