Epoxy WB Topcoat Pigmented

Solvent Free Epoxy Floor image

Two component water-based polyamide cured epoxy-emulsion based, Clear or pigmented primer/topcoat.

Intended Uses

An easy-to-use water based primer/topcoat which provides excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Used as an adhesive primer on tiled, gloss, masonry, aluminium, galvanizing, metals, polystyrene and glass.


  • Water based – suitable for solvent sensitive areas – schools, hospitals,nursing homes etc.
  • Low odour and non-flammable
  • Excellent adhesion to suitably prepared clean surfaces
  • Excellent adhesive surface for subsequent coats of emulsion or solventbased paint
  • Excellent primer for painting glass
  • Excellent primer for sealing porous concrete
  • Used as a primer for solvent free wall coatings, stipple coatings, etc.
  • Curing agent is USDA approved for indirect food contact
  • Used as a durable coating for floors


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