Wallklad Flexi Coastal

Velvet Paint image

A durable acrylic emulsion paint with good flexibility and excellent waterproofing properties.

Intended Uses

Used to waterproof plastered and bagged exterior walls. Used on vertical surfaces, flat roofs, pitched roofs, parapets, gutters and flashings to arrest water seepage through the coating and into the masonry/cement.

Can be applied to cement plaster, concrete, brickwork, fibre-cement and suitably primed metal and wood substrates.


  • Low water absorption – prevents ingress of moisture
  • Excellent adhesion to suitability prepared and primed surfaces
  • Improved waterproofing properties compared to conventional acrylics
  • Highly flexible – can bridge hairline cracks on exterior wall surfaces
  • Used as a waterproofing system in conjunction with non-woven polyester membrane
  • Good exterior durability and UV resistance
  • Good washability, detergent resistance – low dirt pick-up
  • Water vapour permeable –allows coating to breathe
  • Low dirt pick-up
  • Low VOC


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