Pantone® Capsure™

Confidently Match Color to Almost Any Surface – Instantly!

Pantone Fashion & Home Graphic

The revolutionary handheld color measurement tool that accurately reads color on a wide range of surfaces and materials to produce a precise match with any of thousands of colors from available electronic fan decks. CAPSURE is lightweight and easy to use.

With minimal training, paint department employees can help customers identify colors on walls, carpets, furniture, flooring, clothing — virtually any inspiration object. CAPSURE can also isolate colors within a multi-colored pattern for developing, matching or complementary color palettes.

Color information can be recorded and saved for selecting accent colors or downloaded for in-store paint mixing. The CAPSURE technology expands color and appearance reality through accurate color representation, measurement and simulation through this portable, easy-to-use device.

Will work to the following internationally recognized colour systems:

  • Ambience-Colortrend
  • BS 4800
  • BS 5252
  • Eurotrend
  • NCS Index
  • Nova 2024
  • Pantone F + H Cotton
  • Pantone F+ H Paper
  • Pantone P + I Paper
  • Pantone Solid C
  • Pantone Solid U
  • RAL Classic K5
  • RAL Design
  • RAL Design 2
  • RAL Effect