Zeus Liner

Larius Zeus Liner

Professional airless line striper self-propelled. Simultaneously paints two lines in the same colour. The lines can be solid, broken or mixed. Ideal for medium sized to large line marking jobs and maintenance. Use filtered water- or solvent-based non-reflective paint specifically for airless applications.

Variations available:

  • Manual Push


  • Adjustable handgrip. Maximum user comfort.
  • 400 mm dia. pneumatic wheels guarantee stability and ease of movement and cushion unevenness of the road's surface.
  • 20-litre tank.
  • ZEUS piston pump. Suctions the most dense paints without need for dilution
  • AT 250 airless spray gun for 3 to 30 cm wide lines, mounted on an adjustable block: changes the spraying range by changing the height of the spraygun or the nozzle.

Technical Features:

Motor Power: 10 HP

Max. Pressure: 210 bar

Max. Flow Rate: 3,5 l/m

Colours: 1

Weight: 100 kg

Dimensions: 1650x750x1000 mm

Parking Line Stripes
Line Stripes Example 1
Line Stripe Example 2