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QD Enamel DTM

Direct-To-Metal Alkyd Enamel. A single component, quick drying, high gloss, modified alkyd primer/finish pigmented with zinc phosphate for added anti-corrosion properties.

Intended Uses

As a single or two coat Direct-To-Metal coating system.

As a primer/finish coat for system to protecting construction and mining heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, railcars, transportation vehicles, material handling and lifting equipment, pumps, valves, gear units, scaffolding, fencing and many other components.

Speccoats™ QD Enamel DTM is particularly suited for use as a rapid drying system or fast handling and turnaround times maximising production throughput. This Quick Drying enamel will dry rapidly at lower temperatures without the need for baking/heating after application.


  • Easy to use one component product that can be brush applied but is designed for spray application
  • Excellent hiding power and yield
  • High film builds achievable at higher viscosities
  • Quick Drying – 10 minutes
  • Single pack
  • QD Enamel DTM may be applied at 75 microns dry film thickness where additional corrosion protection may be required