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Etch 1K Epoxy Primer

Polyvinyl Butyral Epoxy. A single component, quick drying, polyvinyl butyral modified epoxy primer.

Intended Uses

Etch 1K Epoxy Primer is designed for application to all types of steel surfaces in mild industrial and commercial environments exposed to inland environmental conditions. It is ideal for use on vehicle chassis & underbody components and other steel substrates. It is ideal for areas exposed to high temperatures such as fire places, braais or as a corrosion protection primer for high temperature applications.

The primer is characterized by its fast turn‐around time, corrosion protection properties, easy application, and adhesion to hand cleaned steel.

Etch 1K Epoxy offers excellent adhesion to mild steel, galvanized steel and aluminium alloys.


  • Easy to use one component product that can be brush or spray applied
  • Good anti‐corrosive properties
  • Quick drying with high coverage
  • Contains epoxy for corrosion protection and reinforcement
  • Aerosol touch‐up packs available
  • Weldable – weld‐through primer, flexible
  • Resistant to oil spills and splashes
  • Overcoatable by a range of topcoats
  • High Temperature resistance