AeroAuto 1K Clearcoat

Automotive Clear Coat Spray image

A single component (1K), quick drying, modified acrylic automotive clear coat aerosol spray with UV Protection.


AeroAuto 1K Clearcoat is designed for application to painted surfaces as a quick drying topcoat for use on automotive vehicles and components and other painted substrates.

It can also be used as a durable coating for a variety of applications, overcoating metal, wood, ceramics and plastics. AeroAuto 1K Clearcoat offers excellent UV stability and weathering resistance and uses a low pressure to atomize the acrylic lacquer, offering a high quality, smooth, clean and accurate spray finish.


  • Easy to use one component product in an aerosol
  • Excellent colour and gloss retention
  • Non-chalking & non-yellowing
  • Excellent flexibility and durability
  • Weather proof, for indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal for the DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen and industrial users Resistant to water and splashes of mild chemicals, mineral and vegetable oils, paraffin’s, aliphatic solvent, dilute industrial chemicals & aqueous solutions

System 1

Aero Auto System 1 Graphic

System 2

Aero Auto System 2 Graphic


White Swatch

Clearcoat Gloss

White Swatch

Clearcoat Matt

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