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Bed & Wear Liners
Resilient & tough elastomeric coatings designed for bed & wear lining.

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PU Bed & Wear Lining (Brush & Spray)

A thixotropic, solvent free, elastomeric, adhesion promoted aromatic polyurethane coating.

PU Bed & Wear Lining (Brush & Spray) has been developed as a thick layer coating to provide resistance against mechanical abrasion, impact, water & chemical protection in aggressive environments. This product can be used o line bakkies & truck beds to provide a tough anti-slip surface. It can also be used as an anti-drumming, anti-vibration coating on metal & to waterproof horizontal surfaces against liquid ingress.

For more information, please download the technical datasheet.

Tough & flexible.

Thermal & sound isolation characteristics.

Outstanding flexural & tensile strength.

Outstanding impact & abrasion resistance.

High build, solvent free.

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1K PU Primer

A one component, solvent based urethane primer.

1K PU Primer is designed as an adhesive primer on concrete, metal & wood surfaces. This product has a surface consolidation effect for surfaces that are mechanically weak and can be used as an anti-dust treatment on cementitious surfaces & screeds with a crumbly surface. 1K PU Primer can also be used as a waterproof treatment before laying down wooden flooring to prevent moisture damage due to excessive residual humidity in the cementitious screed.

For more information, please download the technical datasheet.

High solids primer which hardens with moisture present in the surrounding air & screed.

Low viscosity which offers high penetration.

Excellent sealing properties.

Enhances the physical properties of cementitious screed surfaces.

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Epoxy Multi Prime

A two component, high build, polyamide cured, zinc phosphate pigmented re-coatable epoxy primer.

Epoxy Multi Prime is a general purpose high build epoxy primer for steel & concrete surfaces. It provides excellent adhesion to steel, galvanized steel & aged epoxy surfaces. Epoxy Multi Prime has excellent corrosion protection properties in new construction & as an industrial maintenance primer in industrial & coastal atmospheres such as chemical, petrochemical, structural steel fabrication and pulp & paper. The fast drying and handling properties together with extended overcoat ability make this an excellent primer for factory application prior to full coating system application on site. Epoxy Multi Prime has good abrasion resistance to help resist mechanical damage during transportation.

For more information, please download the technical datasheet.

Provides excellent corrosion protection.

Tough & flexible.

Cures at temperatures down to +5°C

Good adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Good abrasion resistance.

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Epoxy Surtol Aluminium Fast

A two component, medium solids, solvent based polyamide cured, zinc phosphate & aluminium pigmented epoxy primer.

Epoxy Surtol Aluminium Fast is a general purpose epoxy primer that is surface tolerant, allowing it to be applied to hand prepared surfaces. It is used as a heavy duty primer/intermediate coat & can be over-coated by a variety of topcoats such as epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds & acrylics. Epoxy Surtol Aluminium Fast has a long overcoating window and rapid curing properties.

For more information, please download the technical datasheet.

Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Excellent water corrosion resistance.

Good impact resistance.

Cures at temperatures down to +5°C.

Surface tolerant.

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