Apexior 5 PMA

Anti-corrosive Coating. Apexior 5 is a solvent based, polymer modified bitumen coating for the effective protection of steel against weather attack and corrosion.

It is a high solids black liquid of medium viscosity that can be applied by dipping, airless spraying or by hand roller or brush.

Use for the protection of mass extruded items such as fence posts, pipes and other profiles. It adheres well to new steel surfaces, provides adequate dry film thickness in a single application and lasts for years when exposed to the atmospheric or sub soil conditions.

The coating is resistant to water and dilute chemical splash.

The fast drying properties, aesthetics, and odour make this a viable alternative to cutback bitumen traditionally used for protection of steel

Apexior 5 will provide superior protection against wood rot when used to treat timber post, gum poles etc. a viable alternative to carbolineum products as there is no foul odour.

Intended Uses

Apexior 5 is used for:

  • Application by dipping of newly forged foundry items
  • Exterior protection of pipes – fabric reinforced
  • Protection of agricultural equipment
  • Used as an economical topcoat over inorganic zinc primers
  • Non-toxic lining for water tanks
  • Protection of galvanized pipes buried underground
  • Waterproofing applications
  • Underbody protection for vehicles
  • Treatment of timber gum poles


  • Air dries, easy to apply
  • Excellent wettability properties
  • Easily re-coatable
  • Resistant to water
  • Prevents corrosion for several years
  • Limited chemical resistances
  • Surface tolerant features