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AeroCryl Custom

Custom Aerosol Colour Spray image

A one component, modified acrylic professional spray paint range.


AeroCryl Custom – Customized colours and colour matching for the perfect touch up.

Used as a durable coating for above water areas on a variety of applications and surface such as metal, wood, ceramics, stone, clay, glass, paper and plastics. It can be used as a single pack coating for touching up epoxy polyester powder coated surfaces, spraying rims/mag wheels, household items, machinery and equipment or any other surfaces requiring a durable, aesthetically pleasing finish.

AeroCryl offers excellent UV stability and weathering resistance and uses a low pressure to atomize the acrylic lacquer, offering a high quality, smooth, clean and accurate spray finish.


  • AeroCryl Custom offers a variety of custom colours made up specially for your project
  • Highly accurate colour and gloss level matching using advanced colour matching systems
  • Ideal for touching up and repairing of most painted surfaces including powder coated surfaces
  • Fast turn around times
  • Structured and textured finishes available