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Silicone 850 Ceramic SS

Temperature Resistant. A one component, solvent based, high temperature coating based on a silicon ceramic matrix and thermally stable stainless steel pigments.

Intended Uses

Recommended for application on difficult to protect metal surfaces operating at temperatures from 593°C to 850°C.

Silicone 850 Ceramic SS is resistant to corrosion conditions due to the high performance AISI 316L Alloy Flake pigments. Silicone 850 Ceramic SS can be used in highly corrosive environments and maintain bright lustre after years of exposure. The product resists deterioration from staining, tarnishing, oxidation or chemical attack.

For the protection of steel from corrosion on areas including flare stacks, kilns, flues, furnaces, muffler, exhausts, hot piping, stacks & other steel surfaces at elevated temperatures.


  • Air dries, easy to apply system
  • Protects against weathering & corrosion
  • Resistant to cycling temperatures
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Heat resistant up to continuous dry temperatures of 593°C and temperature surges of 850°C
  • Maximum thickness which can be applied in a single coat without subsequent blistering on heating is 100 microns dft
  • Used for internal and external protection of steel surfaces
  • Meets the performance criteria of MIL-P-14105D