AD Enamel

High Gloss Air Drying Synthetic Enamel. A single component, air drying, high gloss industrial synthetic enamel.

Intended Uses

As a finish coat system for protecting construction and mining heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, earth moving equipment, tractors, trailers and truck bodies, transformers, buses and other industrial/automotive equipment.

AD Enamel is particularly suited for use as a high cover, air drying system that can be applied by brush or spray application. It adheres to most shop primers and is over-coatable by itself or other alkyd-based coatings.


  • Easy to use one component product that can be brush applied but is designed for spray application
  • Excellent hiding power and yield
  • High film builds achievable at Higher Viscosities
  • Air Drying, good flow properties
  • Single pack
  • Good Exterior durability