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SpecShield Solar - High Reflective White

SpecShield Solar, a cool roof coating system, is designed to reflect solar radiation. decreasing the heat penetrating the building and reducing ambient air temperature and thermal comfort. The result in cooling is significantly lowering energy consumption/cooling loads from air conditioning, and above all increasing the lifetime of roofs.

SpecShield Solar is designed to adhere to concrete, metal, spray polyurethane foam and their substrates to protect, waterproof and reflect UV.

It provides excellent durability and dirt resistance even after prolonged exposure unlike normal paints which darken over time and reduce energy efficiency.

SpecShield Solar has anti-microbial properties making suitable for areas exposed to high moisture levels.

SpecShield Solar prolongs the life of existing roof systems through refurbishment of aged bituminous membranes.


  • Outstanding exterior durability and UV Resistance
  • Long Last, low temperature flexibility and crack resistance to lengthen the life of the roof
  • High resistance to dirt pick-up for long term solar reflectivity
  • Very good adhesion to multiple roofing substrates i.e. concrete, galvanized sheets, polyurethane, foams etc.
  • Good protection against carbonation
  • Good protection against environmental degradation
  • Very good resistance to transmission of ponded water
  • Forms a seamless waterproofing barrier
  • Retains flexibility and elasticity – expands and contracts alongside waterproofing membrane
  • Impervious to ponding water
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Withstands pedestrian traffic to enable occasional maintenance and inspection