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Polyaspartic C75 Gloss

Clear Polyurea/Polyurethane Gloss. A two component, solvent based high solids, high gloss, clear polyaspartic (aliphatic polyurea) floor coating for interior & exterior surfaces


Polyaspartic C75 Gloss has been formulated as a rapid curing, clear topcoat for added performance to existing epoxy floors, Polyaspartic C75 or P75 or as a stand-alone clear system on properly prepared concrete for decorative and protective applications.

When cured, Polyaspartic C75 Gloss has excellent clarity and UV stability, abrasion, impact and wear resistances, exceptionally high gloss and a smooth finish.

Polyaspartic C75 Gloss adheres extremely well to properly prepared concrete, epoxy and polyaspartic substrates.

When mixed with Non-Slip, Polyaspartic C75 Gloss has a significant increase in abrasion and slip resistance and will cure to a non-slip matte finish. The product will also be ideal for heavy duty environments requiring maximum abrasion resistance.

Polyaspartic C75 Gloss is suitable for clear topcoat sealer applications over decorative concrete, walkways, commercial applications,industrial facilities, concrete countertops, garage floors, cold storage areas, industrial warehouses, food processing areas, auto dealerships, aircraft hangars, patios, show rooms, pulp and paper mills, battery rooms and any areas requiring above average chemical and abrasion resistance.


  • Rapid curing times, same day return to service
  • High tensile strength
  • UV stable & non-yellowing
  • Excellent penetration and adhesion to properly prepared substrates
  • 1 day installation with next day return to service
  • Varied traction/non-slip additives available with Non-Slip
  • Low VOC
  • Short re-coat time: 1-2 hours
  • Resistant to hot-tyre pick up
  • Excellent chemical, graffiti and stain resistance
  • Typical thickness
    • As a standalone system: 200-300 microns DFT (two coats to achieve DFT)
    • As a protective clear coat on existing epoxy/polyaspartic: 100-150 microns DFT
  • Applied using roller, brush or spray application
  • Provides a “Wet concrete” look and enhances underlying aggregate colours


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