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AEROSPEC® 1K PU Conformal Coating

One component, solvent based, low viscosity elastomeric polyurethane coating.

AEROSPEC 1K PU Conformal Coating is designed for insulating & waterproofing electrical equipment. It can be used for protecting & insulating printed circuit boards as well has help prevent any electrical leakages or short circuiting. AEROSPEC 1K PU Conformal Coating can withstand temperatures up to 100°C & intermittent surges up to 150°C and the high transparency allows clear visualization of the surface below. It can also be used as an extra/after insulation coating on coils & transformers, motor windings, terminals, bus bars, commuter ends, stator coils & PC boards.

High water/moisture vapour moisture.

Good corrosion protection.

Heat resistant.

Excellent insulating properties.

Protects against thermal shock.

Anodized Aluminium Aerosol Spray img


Used as an alternative to anodizing or for anodized aluminium touch-ups.

Quick drying.

Durable coating with good adhesion to the substrate.

Satin-feel finish.

Matching colours.

Fireplace aerosol paint img

AEROSPEC® Fireplace & Grill

AEROSPEC Fireplace & Grill is designed for application to all types of steel surfaces used for fireplaces, braai’s or other applications exposed to heat.

Good anti-corrosive properties.

Quick drying with high coverage.

Contains epoxy for corrosion protection and reinforcement.

Weldable – weld through primer, flexible.

High temperature resistance.

Electrical Insulation Aerosol img

AEROSPEC® Circuit Board 1K AS Conformal Coating

AEROSPEC Circuit Board 1K AS Conformal Coating is designed to protect and insulate printed circuit boards. It will protect printed circuit boards from caustic or humid inorganic acid vapours & help prevent any electrical leakages or short circuiting.

Fast drying.

High flexibility.

Heat resistant.

Excellent insulating properties.

Can be soldered through for repair work that needs to be done.

Solar Coating Aerosol img

AEROSPEC® 250 Solar Collector Coating

AeroSpec 250 Solar Collector Coating selectively absorbs solar wave lengths with the greatest heat content (visible & infrared wave lengths). In doing so it collects heat more efficiently than ordinary non-selective black paints which emit (reflect) a significant amount of incident solar radiation.

Resists outgassing to 204°C.

Does not chalk, peel, or flake and will not bleach/discolour.

Excellent thermal cycling resistance.

Dries quickly.

Insulating Aerosol img

AEROSPEC® Insulating Varnish

AEROSPEC Insulating Varnish is an oil and moisture resistant insulating varnish for electrical windings, coils, motor frames etc. It protects against arcing from controller shafts, switch bases, etc.

Provides protection in chemically corrosive environments.

High di-electric strength.

High temperature resistance of 100°C.

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