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VR Coatings

Agitator MXP 800 E
Airless Spray Painting Equipment

High performance airless spray pumps used for furniture & shop fitting finishes, automotive & light industrial coatings, decorative coatings, road Marking, Medium Duty Protective Coatings and heavy industrial.

Transfer Pumps Graphic
Barrel Painting System

Internal and External Barrel Painting Systems with automatic and manual applications.

Agitator MXP 800 E
Conventional Spray Paint Equipment

We offer the best Diaphragm Pumps in the market. Used for paint transfer & spray.

Transfer Pumps Graphic
Transfer Pumps

Suitable for transferring paint materials, oils and paint circulation systems.

Agitator MXP 1200 EQ
Two Component

Two Component Hot Airless Spray Painting Equipment designed for tough working conditions and is suitable for two component high viscosity, solventless, low solvent coatings, semi-solid coatings, marine coatings, etc.

Agitator MXP 1200 EQ
Pressure Feed

The Pressure Feed pots are ready to use, with an air regulator for adjusting the air pressure inside the tank and ball valves for paint and air outlet.