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Specialized Colourants

Specialized Coating Systems – tintometric system gives final users and stores dealing with designers, architects, interior designers or DIYist’s the ability to reproduce a vast range of exceptional quality pigmented coatings.

Through our tintometric system we can guarantee the delivery of any colour in record time, these colours include RAL, NCS, Pantone or by using a spectrophotometer the possibility of formulating popular industry colour shades or customer specific colours.

Our tintometric technology is present in both factory tinting and point of sale. The point of sale system makes use of tintometric software which allows you to navigate through the entire spectrum and range of colour shades.


Perfect colour matching tool. Formulation of customised colours. High consistency.


Specialized Colourant Software for database of colour standards, costing and dispensing.


Specialized Muskateer Colourants.

Colour Standards

RAL, NCS, Pantone, SABS and Custom.

Quality Control

Gloss Meter. Light box for colour evaluation. Draw down and spray equipment

Mixing Systems

Gyroscopic Automatic Mixer. Automatic Shaker. Electrical & Pneumatic Stirrers

Gravimetric Manual

High accuracy & precision. High consistency for in-plant or large batch tinting

Volumetric Automatic

Fast clean system. High reproductivity. Time & cost savings

Muskateer Colourants - One for all

Like the name implies, "Muskateer, One for All!" Specialized Coatings have developed a truly unique, high performance and versatile colourant system.

Specialized Muskateer Colourants are unique in that the technology and chemistry makes them truly universal. There is no longer a requirement for both a water based tintometric system AND a solvent based tintometric system.

Muskateer Colourants are designed for use with BOTH solvent and water based binder systems at the point of sale or in-plant. There are 24 Specialized Muskateer Colourants.



Muskateer Colourants are manufactured by Specialized Coating Systems allowing for highly competitive pricing with the ability to obtain a vast range of colours for interior and exterior products.

  • no need for multiple tinting systems
  • no need for pastel or deep bases, you need only clear


Our colourants are manufactured using the latest technology equipment and formulated by our R&D department using the latest technology high performance raw materials.


All colourants are manufactured using high strength, light fast pigments. This ensures maximum covering power and optimal resistance to ultraviolet rays and the elements.


Muskateer Colourants are universal, one colourant for water based, solvent based and solvent free products.

Colourants can be used to formulate the most popular colours in the market, and when coupled with the Specialized Coating Systems product range it will allow the distributor/re-seller extreme versatility and product selection.


Muskateer Colourants are fully compatible with our bases.


A comprehensive range of colourants that are compatible with our range of bases reduces the need to hold multiple colour systems at the point of sale.