ZincDek Shiny Galv

Cold Galv Paint. A one pack Aluminium topcoat, for application direct onto galvanizing and other Zincdek products for additional corrosion protection and to produce a bright new galv look finish.

Intended Uses

ZincDek Shiny Galv is an organic bound aluminium rich coating. It is applied to hot dip galvanized surfaces to form an adherent bright aluminium topcoat in excess of 25 microns thick per application.

ZincDek Shiny Galv is used as a topcoat to match bright new galvanizing where it has been repaired by zinc rich coatings (Zincdek 90. Zincfix® etc.)

ZincDek Shiny Galv has a higher concentration of Aluminium for a SHINY & BRIGHT finish.


  • Easy to use one component product that can be brush or spray applied
  • The Shiny/Bright metallic colour of ZincDek Shiny Galv will blend in with newly galvanized steel
  • Adheres well to primed steel and galvanizing
  • Compliments the zinc rich primers by matching the colour of bright new zinc
  • Available in aerosols


Medium Grey Swatch

Bright Aluminium Metallic


ZincDek Shiny Galv Diagram