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Aerosol White Board Cleaner img

AEROCLEAN® White Board Cleaner

Cleaning agent for office equipment and whiteboards. AEROCLEAN® Whiteboard Cleaner is a universal cleaning agent. It removes new and old whiteboard markings, dust, and light contamination such as fats and oils from whiteboards, computer screens, keyboards and other office equipment.

Easy to use.

Fast and effective cleaning solution.

Suitable for all whiteboards and Write Erase.

Heavy Duty Aerosol Degreaser img

AEROCLEAN® 2000 Degreaser

Heavy duty degreasing and cleaning agent. AEROCLEAN® 2000 Degreaser is a universal cleaning agent. It removes paint residue, wax, tar, silicone, and other surface contamination.

Easy to use aerosol.

Fast & effective pre-cleaning solution.

Very powerful and fast evaporating.

Suitable for cleaning brushes, spray guns and spray equipment.

Aerosol Silicone Remover img

AEROCLEAN® Silicone Remover

Silicone and wax remover. AEROCLEAN® Silicone Remover is a universal cleaning agent. It removes wax, silicone, oils & mild contamination.

Easy aerosol spray can application.

Removes contamination quick and easy.

Can be used on various substrates.

Mild, non-aggressive solvent blend.

A good general purpose cleaning agent.

Aerosol Air Duster img


Dry dirt and dust remover.


High pressure, fast removal.

Injector tube nozzle for hard to reach areas.

Aerosol Circuit Board Cleaner img

AEROCLEAN® Circuit Board Cleaner

AEROCLEAN® Circuit Board Cleaner is designed for cleaning printed circuit boards, electronic contacts, relays, switches & other electronic components. It works by dissolving any dirt, grease, dust, condensation, flux, or light oils, leaving the surface dry & residue free.

Environmentally friendly, does not contain any CFCs or HCFCs.

Safe on plastic, paints, metal & rubber.

No conductive residuals.

Fast drying & leaves no residue on surfaces.

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