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Repair Systems
Repair of asphalt or concrete surfaces before the application of road marking paints.

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PlastiBand® Tape is a thermoplastic overbanding tape designed for permanent repair of road cracks, joints & seams up to 5mm wide. Composed of high-performance elasticized resins and polymers, it adheres firmly to both asphalt and primed concrete, creating a tough, sealed surface with a non-skid textured finish, preventing moisture ingress after road repairs.

Non-skid surface.

Rapid curing (under 5 minutes at ambient temperatures)

Free from toxic substances, lead, and heavy metals.

Environmentally friendly, enhancing worker safety.

Accurate sizing eliminates wastage.

Maintains flexibility, enduring traffic forces.

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PlastiLine® MMA Pothole Repair Mortar

A rapid curing, permanent repair mortar solution for asphalt & suitably primed concrete. PlastiLine® MMA Pothole Repair Mortar is an extremely durable, highly flexible repair mortar based on methyl methacrylate (MMA) and be used on a variety of areas such as roads, highways, driveways, car parks & walkways.

Rapid curing - open to traffic in 20 minutes.

Permanent solution - eliminate the need to refill potholes year after year.

Unrivalled strength & durability.

Weatherproof – UV resistant, impervious to water & is unaffected by very cold or hot temperatures.

Easy & fast to install – minimal tools requirements & does not need to be compacted.

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PlastiLine® Preformed StoneFill & ThermoFill

PlastiLine® Preformed Thermoplastic ThermoFill is a pothole repair system designed for quickly & effectively repairing smaller potholes & cracks on road surfaces. A simple & durable solution that is applied using a heat torch, and will conform to the profile of the road surface leaving a flush finish that can take traffic. When combined with PlastiLine® Preformed Thermoplastic StoneFill, the repair of larger & deeper potholes can be done effectively.

PlastiLine® Preformed Thermoplastic StoneFill is a specially coated aggregate which is used as a filler in this pothole repair system, and is combined with the PlastiLine® Preformed Thermoplastic ThermoFill which acts as the binder in this pothole repair system.

Easy installation with minimal equipment.

Effective & durable repair solution.

System stops water ingress, preventing cracks from turning into big costly repairs.

Quick drying time ensures minimal downtime of traffic.

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SPECFLOOR® MMA 510 Repair Mortar Kit

SpecFloor MMA 510 Repair Mortar is a rapid curing, high performance, flexible mortar system based on methyl methacrylate (MMA) for the repair of concrete/cement floors. Self-levelling (5 – 10mm) or trowel application (>50mm) possible. Suitable for indoor applications where there will be heavy transport movements such as forklifts, and can also be used in areas such as cold rooms where repairs need to be done in subzero conditions.

Fast installation.

Easy to install, no need for special equipment.

Resistant to acids & caustics.

Can take immediate loading (mechanically & chemically) after cure.

Application in in sub zero temperatures.

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PLASTISEAL® MMA Concrete Crack Sealer

PlastiSeal MMA Concrete Crack Sealer is a 100% solids, elasticized, low viscosity crack sealer based on methyl methacylate (MMA). It is used to seal & repair cracks in concrete structures and can also be used to fill & repair hollow areas below tiles. Due to its low viscosity and low surface tension, it has very good wetting power and penetration behaviour and will structurally improve the concrete surface.

Deep penetrating.

Exceptionally good wetting power.

Penetrates crack by gravity.

High bond strength.

Reduces water absorption & chloride-ion intrusion.

Prolongs life of cracked concrete.

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PLASTISEAL® PUMMA Pourable Joint Sealant

PlastiSeal PUMMA Pourable Joint Sealant is a 100% solids, highly elastic, reactive polyurethane methyl methacrylate (PUMMA) self-levelling joint sealant that is used for the direct pouring of mixed material into horizontal joints and provides an extremely durable seamless finish. It will protect joints from heavy wheel loads, impact and can also be used for the sealing around gullies, channels & drains. Suitable for use in both interior & exterior conditions.

Rapid curing for short down times – ready for immediate chemical and mechanical load bearing.

Waterproof and airtight.

High flexibility and durability.

Abrasion resistant.

High acid, caustic & chemical resistance.

Outstanding adhesion when recoated.

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