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SpecAqua 1K Filler Primer img

SpecAqua® 1K Filler Primer

A one component, waterborne, thixotropic hi-body filler primer with fast drying and easy sanding properties for closed pore lacquer finishing on vertical & horizontal surfaces. SpecAqua® 1K Filler Primer offers excellent edge filling of medium density fibreboard (MDF) and will hide minor imperfections, scratches, and sand marks on medium density fibreboard (MDF) & other wood surfaces.

SpecAqua® 1K Filler Primer is designed as a filler primer suitable for a wide variety of different wood types including foils & medium density fibreboard (MDF). It is suitable for most interior furniture, doors & stair applications before the application of a topcoat with water-based lacquers, nitrocellulose lacquers, acid catalyzed lacquers or polyurethane lacquers.

No odour & non-hazardous.


Fast drying.

Excellent flow & wetting properties.

Excellent pore filling properties.

Good moisture, stain, and heat resistance.

SpecAqua 1K ACR MultiCoat Lacquer img

SpecAqua® 1K ACR MultiCoat Lacquer

A one component, waterborne, fast drying, formaldehyde free self cross linking acrylate multicoat lacquer. SpecAqua® 1K ACR MultiCoat Lacquer dries to a tough, durable, mar and stain resistant surface and is suitable for surfaces requiring good resistance to chemical and mechanical stresses.

SpecAqua® 1K ACR MultiCoat Lacquer is suitable for application to almost all interior wood & furniture substrates where an attractive & durable finish is required. This product is more suited to open pore finishing but can also be used for closed pore finishing with multiple coats with good accentuation of the wood grain.

No odour and non-hazardous.

Fast drying.

Good resistance to household chemicals, mechanical stresses, scratches, stains, moisture & heat.

Excellent clarity in gloss or matt finishes.

Medium build properties for open grain appearance.

Non yellowing & non fading.

SpecAqua 2K PU Topcoat img

SpecAqua® 2K PU Topcoat

A two component, water based, zero VOC aliphatic polyurethane coating with an ultra-smooth satin or matt haptic finish available in clear or colours.

SpecAqua® 2K PU Topcoat is designed for application to floors & walls and will adhere to a variety of substrates including hardwood flooring, skirting and claddings. This product produces a surface that is very easy to clean, highly resistant to household & industrial chemicals, food spills, fats & the final coating provides superior hot tyre resistance and mechanical resistance. SpecAqua® 2K PU Topcoat is suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial areas and because the coating has zero VOC, it is excellent for use in healthcare or clean room environments – no odours are emitted during installation.

Excellent flow & levelling properties.

High resistance to chemicals, food spills, fats, hot tyres & mechanical abrasion.

Zero VOC – water based.

Ultra-smooth satin or matt haptic finish.

Excellent transparency.

Rapid hardening time – can take light foot traffic after 8 hours.

SpecAqua PU Natural Ultra Matt img

SpecAqua® PU Natural Ultra Matt

A one component, water based polyurethane wood coating. SpecAqua® PU Natural Ultra Matt provides surfaces with a naturally un-coated appearance and feeling with an ultra matt looking surface that has very high resistance to staining, marking & abrasion.

SpecAqua® PU Natural Ultra Matt is designed to be applied on interior & exterior wood surfaces such as floors & wooden furniture as a protective coating while retaining the natural appearance of the surface. It is applied directly to the wooden surfaces in 2 - 3 layers and can also be used over oiled & stained surfaces to provide additional protection.

Provides surfaces with a naturally uncoated ultra-matt appearance.

Waxy soft touch surface feeling.


Extreme durability with resistance to staining, marking & abrasion.

Low water absorption.

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