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Water Based

Aqua 1K Acrylate Lacquers for Furniture

Water based lacquers for wood that are FREE from Formaldehyde and Isocyanate’s.
Out-performs traditional Acid Catalyzed Lacquers.

acrylic wood varnish img
SpecAqua 1K Filler Primer

Suited for application to very wide range of wood types including foils, MDF – with excellent filling properties on MDF edges and on most interior furniture surfaces including stairs, doors, etc.

acrylic lacquer paint wood img
SpecAqua 1K ACR MultiCoat Lacquer

Formaldehyde free, water based, furniture and wood coating. A clear coating lacquer formulated for use on all interior wood. Product is suitable for surfaces needing good resistance to chemical and mechanical stresses such as school furniture, restaurants etc.

acrylic wood finish
SpecAqua 2K PU Topcoat

A water based, zero VOC, two component, aliphatic polyurethane coating with an ultra-smooth satin or matt haptic clear finish for interior floors & walls.