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Inspection Kits

Digital Paint Inspection Kit Graphic
Digital Inspection

Digital inspection kits designed specifically for the Protective and Industrial Coatings Industries.

Climatic Testing Graphic01
Blasting Inspection

Test surface profile and contamination of blasted profiles. Measurement parameters: Surface assessment, blast equipment inspection, surface profile and surface contamination.

Protective Coating Inspection Kit Graphic04
Protective Coating Inspection

Comprehensive Inspection Kits for protective coatings to assess a structure before, during and after the protective coatings has been applied.

Inspection Accessories Graphic01
Automotive Inspection

Produced specifically for the automotive aftermarket and Insurance Assessors, 3rd party consultants, body shops and used car sales, these kits provide an instant measure of the coating thickness of panels. An illuminated magnifier is supplied to enable close inspection of bodywork.

Powder Coating Inspection Kit Graphic04
Qualicoat & Powder Inspection

Inspection of powder coatings on all surfaces. Elcometer powder coating inspection kits cover all applications within the powder coating process.

Surface Contamination Inspection Kit Graphic01
Surface Contamination

The level of contaminants on surfaces prior to coating applications is a crucial factor in obtaining the maximum quality coating.

Soluble Salt and Ion Inspection Kit Graphic04
Soluble Salt & Ion Specific Inspection

Accurately measure the surface chloride, sulphate and nitrate ions of various surfaces.

Pinhole detector kit Graphic
Pinhole & Holiday Detection

Pinhole and Holiday Detection of the smallest holes and flaws in coatings. Pinhole detection is essential to monitor the integrity of protective coatings.