Wood Finish

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NC Laquers

Nitro-cellulose lacquer or NC lacquer. The easiest to handle, dries purely by physical means of solvent flashing off. The dried coating can be dissolved at any time with the appropriate solvent thus allowing easy and problem free repairs or restorations.
The solids content is generally between 15-30%. NC Lacquers are ideal for applications such as interior decoration on furniture with low chemical and mechanical stresses.

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Pre-Catalysed Lacquers

Pre-Catalysed Lacquers are one component, modified alkyd/urea reactive lacquers. The lacquer is catalysed in plant and has a very limited shelf life, normally 2 months.
It has all the performance properties of Acid Catalysed Lacquers but lacks the chemical resistant properties of AC lacquers. As such, this range of products is recommended only for large volume users and is suitable for office furniture, interior furniture, interiors of living areas etc.

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AC Lacquers

AC lacquers, are two component, alkyd/urea reactive lacquers. AC lacquers contain formaldehyde. They are to date the most popular wood finishes in Southern Africa. Solids content on Specialized AC lacquers are between 25-45%, they are fast curing, easy to apply and relatively easy to repair.
It cures physically by means of solvent flashing off and then reactively. The result is a tough, rapid drying wood finishing system with good resistance to chemicals and mechanical stress. It is suitable for all fields of application, much like polyurethane but without the additional performance properties associated with PU lacquers.

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PU Lacquers

PU lacquers and PUR lacquers can be used on all surface materials. These are twocomponent systems which require a pre-defined amount of activator to be added. Once mixed, the lacquers have pot-life. The solids content is between 25% to 65%. Polyurethane lacquers initially dry physically by means of solvent flashing off and then chemically from the reaction between the resin and the polyisocyante. The result is a hard, flexible film with excellent resistance to chemical and mechanical stress. Polyurethane lacquers are completely non-yellowing. Suitable for demanding areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, office furniture, restaurant furniture and table tops.

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Functional & Effect Lacquers

These are coatings which do more. They provide additional aesthetics, protection and functional beauty.

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Aqua Lacquers

Aqua Lacquers are waterborne lacquers. Film formation of these lacquers is optimal at temperatures above 15°C. They have good resistance to light chemicals, sweat and light mechanical stresses. Suitable for interiors of living areas, for doors, living room furniture, cabinets, children’s furniture, school desks etc.

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The staining process is used like “dying”. Stains will change the natural colour of the wood. Stains are also used to create antique finishes or effects, or to cover blemishes and imperfections.