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Surface Cleanliness & Surface Profile

Surface Condition Graphic
Surface Condition

The degree of rust, mill scale etc. can be visibly assessed using Pictorial Surface Standards. Weld beads can be assessed by using a weld comparator and weld gauges measure a range of quality parameters.

Surface Contamination Inspection Graphic01
Surface Cleanliness

Surfaces with soluble salts and ion specific contamination are often invisible to the eye. These soluble salts together with amine blush (amine cured epoxy coatings) can result in premature coating failure.

Surface Contamination Inspection Graphic02
Surface Profile

Digital and Mechanical surface profile gauges and surface comparators for measuring a variety of surface profiles.

Surface Contamination Inspection Graphic03
Surface Roughness

Elcometer 7061 MarSurf PS1 Surface Roughness Tester is a leight weight and portable measuring solution for a wide variety of surface roughness measurements. Ideally suited for protective coatings applications.

Surface Contamination Inspection Graphic03
Blasting Parameters

Monitor and control important parameters during the blast cleaning process.