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Wood Stains
Stains for the decoration of wood surfaces.

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Matching Stain

A one component, solvent based wood stain based on soluble dyes in a fast drying cellulosic binder.

Matching Stain is used to achieve a uniform colour throughout the production of furniture and joinery. It is used after the initial stain/grain filing and between coats of lacquers. Matching Stain is used to even out irregularities of colour during furniture finishing and is available in a comprehensive selection of wood shades and colours.

Fast drying.

Easy to apply.

Carries the same performance properties as the NC lacquer product range.

Available in a wide variety of wood shades & colours.

Available as an aerosol.

Patina Stain img

Patina Stain

A one component, solvent based patina stain.

Patina Stain has been formulated for application to sealed substrates and after drying it is rubbed off surfaces to give an “antique” effect. Patina Stain is easily applied with rags, sponges or by spray and can be overcoated with polyurethane lacquers, acid catalyzed lacquers, nitro cellulose lacquers and pre catalyzed lacquers.

Easy application with rags, sponges, or spray.

Easily overcoatable with sealers & topcoats.

Easy to remove.

Does not affect the adhesion of subsequent coats.

Available as an aerosol.

Penetrating Stain SB Wiping img

Penetrating Stain SB Wiping

A one component, solvent based penetrating wood stain based on soluble dyes in a slow drying solvent blend. Penetrating Stain SB Wiping is specially formulated for application by wiping and will not “over-stain” the surface.

Penetrating Stain SB Wiping is used to stain bare wood to beautify and enhance the natural grain of the wood. It penetrates and has excellent uniformity, adding depth of colour and once applied needs to be overcoated for UV stability and will not bleed into topcoat finishes. Penetrating Stain SB Wiping is available in a wide selection of colours and can be specifically matched to customer requirements.

Easy application with rags or sponges.

Enhances the natural appearance of the wood grain.

Does not bleed and won’t affect the adhesion of subsequent coats.

Overcoat-able with sealers & topcoats.

Available in a wide selection of colours and colours can be matched to customer requirements.

Penetrating Water Based Wood Stain img

Penetrating Stain Water Based

Penetrating Stain Water Based is a one component, fast drying, easy to use water based stain for bare wood.

It is designed to soak into the wood surface, adding uniform colour & enhancing the natural grain of the wood. Penetrating Stain Water Based provides excellent transparency & visibility of the wood grain with regular colours, when using solid colours with dark rich colour tones, the wood grain will be less visible. Penetrating Stain Water Based needs to be overcoated to provide UV stability, and is resistant to bleeding into topcoat finishes.

Fast drying

Water based - contains no harmful fumes & is non-flammable.

Resistant to bleeding into topcoat finishes.

Easily overcoat-able with water based or solvent based sealers/topcoats.

Excellent colour uniformity.

SpecStain Universal Concentrate img

SpecStain Universal Concentrate

A one component, universal stain concentrate which can be mixed into water, solvents, or solvent based lacquers.

SpecStain Universal Concentrates are pure dye colours and get mixed together in different ratios to create various colour shades. The mix can then be diluted into water (to create a water based penetrating stain), solvents “fast” or “slow” (to create solvent based penetrating stains) or into solvent based lacquers to create matching stains. The amount and ratio of concentrate to diluent will change the strength / opacity of the stain system and should be determined by the applicator prior to use.

Works in most solvents/diluents.

Highly concentrated.

Re-producible results.

Flexibility to produce small amounts of stain.

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