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EPA Crumb Rubber System

EPA Crumb Rubber System surfaces with good flexibility, temperature resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance.

Intended Uses

The EPA Crumb Rubber System can be used for running tracks, children's playgrounds, garden tiles, horse stables and gymnasiums.

athletic track rubber crumb img
athletic track rubber crumb img
athletic track rubber crumb img

Typical Application Guideline

athletic track rubber crumb img

Please note the above is a typical guideline. Please consult with us for a full specification.

System Composition

EPASCREED PLAY (Built up in max 20mm layers)
1 meter drop 30mm thick
2 meter drop 70mm thick
3 meter drop 90mm thick
16% Binder 1-5mm SBR/EPDM Granules
1.0 kg binder + 6kg SBR/EPDM Rubber Granules 1-5mm per 10mm thickness

Performance Characteristics

EPA Crumb Rubber System
Physical Properties  
Cure Time 6 hrs at 25°C
Pot Life 12 Hours
Colour & Stability Excellent (non-yellowing)

EPA Rubber Crumb System Products

EPASCREED Rubber Crumb Binder img

Due to the exceptional flexibility, it is suitable for binding rubber crumb to create playgrounds, safety impact flooring, elastomeric and cushioned sport surfaces / courts (eg. tennis, netball basket ball etc.)

EPAPRIME Surface Primer img
EPAPRIME Surface Primer

EPAPRIME Surface Primer is suitable for use on cementitious screeds, concrete surfaces, asphalt surfaces, flexible surfaces such as waterproofing membranes, PU foam, styrene EPS.

EPACOAT Play Sealer img
EPACOAT Play Sealer

EPACOAT Play Sealer is used a elastic, flexible sealer on topcoat of the EPASCREED Play rubber binder layer, as a clear coat to provide additional weathering, mechanical and chemical resistance.

Special Notes:

The above product is designed to provide the highest performance in the correct application. Do not use this product in areas that are not suitable for it. Please contact us for written specifications prior to commencing any work.

We will provide a written surface preparation and application procedure for each and every project.

Other Solutions

If the application falls outside of the performance characteristics mentioned in the above literature such as chemical resistance, severe temperatures, waterproofing etc. are required, please contact us.