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Preformed Thermoplastic
6 – 8 Times More Durable Than Paint, Pre-Cut, Easy Installation, Reflective.

Preformed Thermoplastic Road Markings img

Preformed thermoplastic markings are highly durable markings designed for application to horizontal asphalt or primed concrete surfaces. These markings are manufactured using the latest technology pigments & thermoplastic material and can be applied quickly & easily with a preformed thermoplastic application torch.

For more information, please download the application guide.

Extremely durable & flexible.

Bright UV stable colour range.

Wide scope of design possibility.

Pre-cut for easy installation.

Play & Décor Colour Range

RAL 1011 img

RAL 1011
Brown Beige

RAL 1012 img

RAL 1012
Lemon Yellow

RAL 1014 img

RAL 1014

RAL 1015 img

RAL 1015
Light Ivory

RAL 1023 img

RAL 1023
Traffic Yellow

RAL 2004 img

RAL 2004
Pure Orange

RAL 2010 img

RAL 2010
Signal Orange

RAL 3005 img

RAL 3005
Wine Red

RAL 3012 img

RAL 3012
Beige Red

RAL 3013 img

RAL 3013
Tomato Red

RAL 3015 img

RAL 3015
Light Pink

RAL 3020 img

RAL 3020
Traffic Red

RAL 4003 img

RAL 4003
Heather Violet

RAL 4006 img

RAL 4006
Traffic Purple

RAL 4010 img

RAL 4010

RAL 5005 img

RAL 5005
Signal Blue

RAL 5012 img

RAL 5012
Light Blue

RAL 5017 img

RAL 5017
Traffic Blue

RAL 5018 img

RAL 5018
Turquoise Blue

RAL 5022 img

RAL 5022
Night Blue

RAL 6018 img

RAL 6018
Yellow Green

RAL 6019 img

RAL 6019
Pastel Green

RAL 6024 img

RAL 6024
Traffic Green

RAL 6037 img

RAL 6037
Pure Green

RAL 7005 img

RAL 7005
Mouse Grey

RAL 7024 img

RAL 7024
Graphite Grey

RAL 7035 img

RAL 7035
Light Grey

RAL 8003 img

RAL 8003
Clay Brown

RAL 8007 img

RAL 8007
Fawn Brown

RAL 8023 img

RAL 8023
Orange Brown

Traffic Colour Range

RAL 9017 img

RAL 9017
Traffic Black

RAL 1000 img

RAL 9016
Traffic White

SABS B49 img


RAL 3020 img

RAL 3020
Traffic Red

Download Colour Card

Please Note: Colour Swatches and illustrations displayed are only to be used as a guide and can vary from the original.

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