Elcometer Adhesion Tester Graphic
Adhesion Testers

Adhesion testing after the coating process will quantify the strength of the bond between substrate and coating, or between different coating layers or the cohesive strength of some substrates.

Climatic Testing Graphic01
Climatic Testing

Measure and record all relevant climatic parameters required to determine whether the conditions are suitable for painting.

Dry Film Thickness Graphic04
Dry Film Thickness

Dry Film Thickness is a very critical measurement for coatings. It provides vital information as to the expected life of the substrate, the product’s fitness for purpose and its appearance.

Inspection Accessories Graphic01
Inspection Accessories

We have a full range of Elcometer Inspection Accessories which includes: Inspection mirrors, magnifiers and microscopes, torches and inspection manuals.

Dry Film Thickness Graphic04
Inspection Kits

Elcometer offers a large range of paint inspection equipment for various industries. Inspection kits are both product and industry specific. Supplied in a robust carry case ideal for transporting the kits to all types of locations.

Material Thickness Gauges Graphic01
Material Thickness

Determine the thickness accurately of a variety of materials when only one surface is accessible.

Pinhole & Porosity Graphic04
Pinhole & Porosity

Pinhole and Porosity testing equipment for flaws in the finished coating. Detect flaws such as Runs and Sags, Cissing, Cratering, Pinholes, Over Coating and Under Coating.

Surface Contamination Testing Graphic
Surface Cleanliness & Surface Profile

Test for soluble salts such as chloride, sulphate and nitrate ions which has been proven to be one of the greatest contributors to the premature failing of protective coatings.

Wet Film Thickness Graphic
Wet Film & Powder Thickness

These reusable precision stainless steel combs are made to be long lasting and are supplied with either Metric or Imperial measurements.